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We specialize in making individuals’’ external shine just as bright as their internal beauty does. Our Bay Area plastic surgeons are all board-certified, meaning you can trust their level of expertise.

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The doctors at San Francisco Plastic Surgery Associates are on the cutting edge of medical technology and plastic surgery procedures. As a result, we offer many more cosmetic surgery options than we can list here. However, you can divide the main procedures into three main areas; body, face, and breast.


When we refer to body procedures, we’re mainly talking about liposuction and tummy tucks. The body countering efforts allow you to remove fat and cellulite to look your best on a sunny San Francisco day.


Although there are numerous facial procedures, the most common among our Bay Area patients are rhinoplasty (aka a nose job) and facelifts. Dr. Wang, the plastic surgeon responsible for all facial procedures, is world renowned for his skill and understanding of what people want to look like. Whether you’re nose doesn’t seem to balance with the other parts of your face or you were in an accident, Dr. Wang offers the best rhinoplasty in San Francisco. Blepharoplasty, optoplasty, chin augmentation, and lip augmentation are some of the other facial plastic surgery procedures we offer.


San Francisco Plastic Surgery Associates offers a number of procedures to make women and men more comfortable with their breasts. Breast implants are used for patients who’d like to have larger or more full breasts. Similarly, breast augmentation procedures result in a more full, round, and pronounced appearance. A breast lift is normally used to help older San Franciscan patients restore their breasts to previous size, shape, and height.

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Undergoing plastic surgery can be a big decision. We want to make sure our patients are completely satisfied with the results, are aware of alternative procedures that might allow them to achieve the same objective without, and most importantly are comfortable with the San Francisco plastic surgeon that will be performing the work.

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